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CBO nearly triples estimate of working hours lost by 2021 due to Affordable Care Act

  The CBO estimates that the Affordable Care Act will cause a larger-than-expected reduction in working hours—eliminating the equivalent of about 2.3 million workers in 2021. Click here to read more  

Price tag of the Oregon Exchange

Website rage

I had heard from numerous sources Cover Oregon had spent more than 301,000,000 on it’s website and I was very dubious. Attached is a great article that breaks the payments to Cover Oregon out. Keep in […]

Obamacare ‘Real Disaster’ Possible Says California Insurance Commissioner

The California insurance commissioner warns of possible fraud. California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones (Democrat) has specific misgivings  about Covered California, which is what the exchange is called in the Golden  State: “Jones and anti-fraud groups […]

Oregon’s Health insurance exchange probably won’t be ready in time


According to Reuters Oregon’s online insurance exchange will not be available for public use on October 1 for the public to enroll. for more information follow this link: Click here to read more  

$910,000,000 for ACA to establish an exchange in California


In the ACA there is $910,000,000 dollars for the state of California to set up the exchange and to communicate the ACA bill to residents of California. This does not pay for any doctors, nurses, medical […]

ACA may end up with less younger insureds


A big part of the ACA was to get the 20 and 30 year olds coverage who currently don’t currently have health insurance. From what I have seen so far it appears that you will see […]

Article about Obama continuing many Bush policies


I found this article interesting! Click Here!  

Congress finally learns some of the problems with the ACA


Sadly our congressional leaders are learning about some of the increased costs and difficulties the new healthcare plan will cost employees and they want no part of it, at least for congress and there staff. Read more

The Affordable Health Care Act is underfunded

The ACA has underfunded a stop gap measure for people who currently can’t get insurance and are in state high risk pools because of this they are not enrolling new subscribers and I have read […]

Sterling: The Currency That’s Most Like ‘Rocky’?


“It gets knocked down and then it gets back up again: recent trade in sterling is much like the performance of underdog boxer Rocky in the popular U.S. film series, but the behavior is also […]