Chart It Financial


Since 1988 Mark Fritzen has worked with over a 1,000 clients and there businesses in employee benefits, insurance and retirement planning. Mark is dedicated to his clients and strives to find the best possible solutions to their needs. Mark’s experience in the industry has given him the advantage of seeing a wide variety of benefit, insurance and retirement plans and enables him ┬áto adequately assess the advantages and disadvantages of these plans. Mark loves his career and can’t imagine doing anything else. He plans on doing this for the rest of his working life and approaches his relationships with his clients as a long term process. Realizing if he does the best possible job for his clients they will continue to work with him and refer other people to him.

When Mark isn’t working he enjoys spending quality time with family and friends. He enjoys traveling, the outdoors,┬ákite boarding, kayaking, being on and working out.