Chart It Financial

Employee Benefits

Navigating the vast choices in employee benefits options available can be truly a daunting task. Choosing the right ones to fit you and your employees needs can make maintaining health benefits for your employees a challenge. We do our best to help you navigate this challenge. First, we get an idea of what benefits are important to you and your employees; what types of benefits you would like to provide; whether you want to offer one plan or multiple health insurance plan options; how much of the premium cost, if any, do you want to share with your employees. We then look at the available carriers in your area and show you the most affordable plans in the category or categories you choose. Then we tell you our experience with these carriers there service and make recommendations based on what is most important to you. We will review these plans at least yearly. We will need to continue to choose and determine what is important to you and what will help you get and retain quality employees as well as providing you the best benefits for your premium dollars.